Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp in Belgium


(+39) 340 333 3715

Stefania Cola

Kidnapped by the magic of Flemish light I studied 5 years photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.
The experience in the academy allowed me to deepen and cultivate my passion for Art.


With my images I tell who my clients are and what they do …
I like listening, knowing and understanding people …
Tune into the soul of those in front of me.


Through studies and post-production updates it has been possible to combine photography with graphics, completing my journey in visual communication.
Every job is a project for me to present and enhance with synthesis, style and creativity.
I live in Ancona, and move to where my work calls me.
I love traveling and confronting new realities to enrich myself and my work.

Photography 100%
Graphics 95%